Kids at Connection

This is a Family friendly event, and as such we aim to provide entertaining for all the ages!

Some parents want to participate in the workshops, and for this we have in place an alternative program for kids, so they can also learn and be with other kids, under supervision of our caretakers, while the parents are in some activities. For all the other times during the event, such as breaks or free time, you should be in charge of your children.

Kids of 2 years old and below, should come with a supervising adult that can be with them at all times. We recommend that if you want to participate in all the activities, ideally you should come with another person, so you two can also share the cares and attention for your little ones. We have a special ticket price for this situation, please contact us for more information.

Kids Activities

Depending on the group of kids and their ages, these are some of the proposed activities by our facilitators :

  • Yoga and dance for kids

  • Relaxation Corner

  • Emotional intelligence stories

  • Music workshop, mantras-Mindfulness for kids

  • Circus : acrobatics, juggling, clown,..

  • Magic (yes we will have a Magician)

  • Art : painting, drawing, mandalas

  • Discovering nature (plants and animals)

  • Self Body Confidence through martial arts principles

  • Play with our lungs : Breath awareness and making sounds!

  • Creation of a labyrinth and a giant mandala

  • Cooperative games

  • Water games

  • Family games on the lake (observing safety

  • Art and recycling: we will create our little work of art with elements of nature and materials that we find to recycle.

  • We will make our small herbarium: We will press flowers and leaves and once dry we can paste them in a notebook .

  • “I am a bamboo” workshop : we will discover through yoga the important teachings that bamboo has to offer us