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summer camp

5th -11th August, Girona, Spain


Open the doors to connection with yourself, with others and with Nature!


CONNECTION SUMMER CAMP is a conscious community gathering, for exploring our bodies and celebrating life.

During this one week wellness summer camp, we will be practicing movement and yoga, learning about bodywork, meditation, shamanism and other selected activities and talks with a few guest teachers.

We are aware that the world needs more consciousness and community values, more touch, more laughter, more awareness, a “non-violent” way of communicating and living together.

. . .

We aim that together we create a deep transformational retreat experience, and with the excuse of moving together and learning about our bodies, we will go back home with new energies and new friends!

This is a Family friendly event, you are welcome to come with your kids as there will be kids and baby sitters organizing kids activities.


Enjoy time in nature and get the perfect summertime playground for raising the vibration on many levels.


  • Wake up your body with a daily routine of movement and yoga

  • Start meditating everyday

  • Learn different bodywork techniques applied to movement and yoga : Thai Massage, self Massage, lunar acro-yoga, dynamic thai massage, yin yoga, laughter yoga, prenatal yoga

  • Introduction to anatomy for movement and bodywork

  • Reconnect with your body

  • Develop a your conscious touch.

  • Attend talks and workshops : estatic dance, shamanic movents, human design, macro-macramé, singing circles…

  • Detox your body and mind through the lifestyle we offer.

  • Experience living in an alternative self-sustained community for a week

    Daily Schedule tbc

    7:30- 9:30: Meditation & movement class

    9:30 - 10:30: Break-slow ;)

    10:30 - 14:00: Bodywork lecture and practice.

    14:00 - 16:00 : Lunch break and Siesta!

    16:00 - 20:00: Workshops, talks, activities or free time

    20:00: Dinner

    21:00: Singing Circle, night talks and meditations


Who is It For?

Open to anyone interested in :

Dance, Movement, Yoga, Bodywork, Thai Massage, Healthy lifestyle, Massage , Healing, Travel, Nature, Sustainable living, Alternative communities, Shamanism, Spirituality…

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Teachers and facilitators

EvaSion start exploring the globe in 2000 and she hasn't stopped since then. Thai Massage came across her path in 2007 to start a life long love story. It is in this Art where her love for yoga and meditation comes together. Starting by following the Sunshine Network ThaiYoga lineage from the hands of Itzahk Helman. She is then also developed her therapist career studying with some of the great living masters in Thailand and around the world. She shares her love for yoga & wellbeing and treats people everywhere she travels to. Since 2013 she is sharing her passions through courses, workshops, and retreats worldwide. Recently she introduces “Effortless Thai massage” and also Thai massage & Yoga Vacation, to offer people to relax better and to discover themselves in nature.  

Davide Stasi Began deepening his studies of anatomy and Thai massage 6 years ago and indicated his professional career more than 3 years ago. He mainly studied in Wat Po medical school of Bangkok and specialized with Pichest Boonthumme and Arjan Sinchai. On the side he has studied workshops of Deep Tissues, Osteo-thai, Wuotai, Dynamic-thai and Movement Culture. 

His passion for healing of human species brings him to publish a book of self-massage, which method he often teaches in Barcelona with specifics seminars. To increase his knowledge and consciousness, Davide practices daily martial arts and meditation and Asthanga yoga.

Ana Pau A lifetime of studies, practices and experiences about what it means to be a Human on Earth. Kinesiologist, Acupuncturist, Human Evolutionary Design Guide, are some of the tools that he puts at the service of those people who are in the process to understand and grow both in the spiritual, emotional or mental way, or the that you have chosen to experience. She is a very peculiar woman, who will not leave you indifferent, and that is precisely what that seeks in life, cause a mutation to all those people who are prepared to experience it and take responsibility for its existence. You can learn more about her at: www.creandoelcieloenlatierra.com

Alejandro Guerrero Photographer and Therapist, with extensive education and practice in this art of healing, as an assistant teacher, he will be sharing his passion and experience for Thai Yoga massage. He will work with you and on you so you understand the technique and feel it on your own body.

Clay Burns was introduced to the fascinating world of healing arts as a teenager and learned the magic of healing through music, dance, and massage. Clay originally comes from Chile and trained as a certified masseur in Colorado, US. Afterward he began his wandering years, in order to get to know the different teachings of the western and eastern healing arts. Currently he is offering workshops and treatments around Europe and he is also a facilitator of Amazonian medicine ceremonies.

Sandra Varas Founder of Sansyoga , Director of our Prenatal Yoga Flow Training, Motherhood Support Therapist and Journalist.

 Sandra Varas is one of the most recognized prenatal yoga teachers and defensors of conscious birth in Barcelona, the city where she was born. Sandra is a devoted mother of a little boy and a lover of movement, music and nature. Her background is filled up with adventures and wild experiences as she is also a journalist and documentary filmmaker. A job that allowed her to travel and meet fascinating cultures around the world where women are still in charge of their own births and men embrace the feminine power.

Now she is fully dedicated to womanhood, motherhood, yoga, herbs and medicine foods. Her main wish is to return the natural wisdom back to women by allowing them to enjoy a more humanized childbirth. She also specialized in Pelvic Floor Recovery, Spiritual and Physical Preparation for Birth; Partner work before birth, Prenatal and Postnatal Massage and other ancient techniques which support mums and their partners along this journey. She created the Pre-Natal Yoga Flow teacher training 8 years ago as a tool to expand the knowledge of women and create community among them.

Vinni Bonanno “Stretching in Public” is passionate about helping others shine using the transformative powers of Yoga and holistic nutrition. Vinny is from Breezy Point, NY and after 6 years teaching Spin and sitting at a desk 9-5 he found his calling, connecting to and understanding our powerful bodies and minds!! He utilizes and teaches Yoga as a more diverse, therapeutic, uplifting form or exercise and a way to tap into our inner voice. Katonah Yoga Teacher and Motivational Coach. Vinny will be sharing with us his amazing Katonah Yoga sessions!

Jordis Troost coming from Köhln, and she is the queen of acrobatics!! She is a 500hrs Yoga TTC, acroyoga and flying acrobatics certified teacher and she will be sharing her acro talents with us to create a magic connection, awaken up the body and discover a therapeutical approach to flying and being upside down.

Elizabeth Green


What´s included

  • Daily morning meditation and movement practice.

  • Bodywork workshops

  • Anatomy classes

  • Acroyoga class

  • Singing circles

  • Night talks and workshops

  • Accommodation : 6 nights and 3 organic meals a day.

  • Swimming in the lake

What´s NOT included

  • Transport to and from the event site

  • Tents or caravans, you need to bring your own or rent one from us


To book a spot we need a deposit of 250 € in advance.

Meet the Team!


Alejandro Guerrero

Alejandro Guerrero

Davide Stasi

Davide Stasi

Clay burns

Clay burns

Ana Pau

Ana Pau

Jordis Troost

Jordis Troost

Sandra Varas

Sandra Varas

Vinnie Bonanno

Vinnie Bonanno

Elizabeth Green

Location and Accommodation 

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Location and accommodation

This event will happen at La Solana de Rimbau, a self-sustained alternative community in a castle by a lake surrounded by nature! Come to embrace the beauty of this secret land north of Barcelona that provides the perfect set and setting for amazing indoor and outdoor activities.

Bring your tent, caravan or camper van, or sleep with us in a community tipi tent with capacity for 20 people. There are a few dry toilets and standard ones around, plus 3 showers; but water is limited so make a conscious use of it or just dive in the lake!

This place generates its own electricity with solar power and generators, there are not many available sockets for recharging. There is no Wi-Fi and very bad cellphone reception. For this reason we suggest to reduce the use of electronic devices during these days, take this opportunity to disconnect and get back to nature.

3 vegetarian meals a day will be freshly made by our kitchen team using only local seasonal products. We ask you to collaborate by washing your own dishes and leave no rubish around, please Leave no trace.

Alcohol and other drugs are strictly banned. If you smoke tobacco please do it outside of the communal areas.

If you are planning to bring your pets, please let us know as there are other animals living on the site and we want to make sure there is harmony between all creatures.

Participation pricing


bring your own tent or caravan

EUR 550.00 / Per person

RENTED TENT plus meals
RENT tent or caravan FROM Us

EUR 625.00 / Per person

FAMILY group
coming with kids?

contact us for special discount rates


How to get here

The Venue is located 5 km. away from Sant Llorenç de la Muga, about 2 hours North of Barcelona or about 45 minutes from the French border.

By Road

Coming from France of from Spain, you need to travel to Figueres and from then to Sant Llorenç de La Muga. We will give you the specific location for the venue once you purchase your ticket

By Train / Bus

There are several train lines and buses going to and from Figueres. Once in Figueres there are buses 3 times a day to Sant Llorenç de la Muga. We will organise a shuttle from Sant Llorenç de La Muga to the venue, details to be confirmed when you purchase your tieckt