Our Mission

EvaSion started back in 2013, when Eva’s teacher Itzhak Helman asked her to start teaching her own courses, as a way to expand the Thai Massage knowledge. Since then, It has evolved into a small collective of Thai Massage instructors, Yoga teachers, and outstanding individuals devoted to spreading the seeds of these ancient healing arts across the world and to inspire other people to follow their dreams.

We are aware that the world needs more consciousness and community values, more touch, more laughter, more compassion, more forgiveness..... These is what we aim to cultivate every time we gather in retreats and workshops, with the intention of sharing our Thai Massage & Yoga practice. We hold a safe space for your self exploration and the expression of your inner needs in a welcoming environment. We choose to do this in special venues that support the environment and their local communities and provide the perfect setting for such gathering.

We are activists for the world wellbeing

& you are welcomed to be a part of it!


Meet the Team

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Eva Sion

Founder of EvaSion Thai Yoga, Thai Massage and Yoga Teacher

Eva´s spiritual journey starts in 2000 after completing her university degree in History of Art, when she traveled to Île la Réunion to take part in a university internship program. What should have lasted 1 year initially, ended up in a life-changing experience of 7 years, when she discovered spirituality, surf, Yoga and the love of a nomadic and free lifestyle

During this period she started to become a perpetual traveler, discovering remote places such as Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Lombok or Australia, where she took her first certificate as Personal Fitness Trainer in 2007.

While traveling in Bali she got her certification as a Spa therapist in 2008, what would take her to work in luxury spas in France afterward.

It didn't take long for her to discover Thai Yoga Massage, a practice combining her passions: Yoga, meditation, and bodywork. She became a devote student and practitioner. She starts her journey in 2009 at Lahu Village with the Sunshine School of Chiang Mai. She also became inspired by the several courses that she took with some masters from Thailand (Master Pichet, Jack Chaya...) and abroad.

Yoga, that was initially a self-practice to stretch after surfing, became part of her daily routine. This will take her to India in 2010, where she felt deeper into this practice leading her to take a Yoga Teacher Training Certificate in a Satyananda Ashram, where she deepened her understanding and practice of Yoga

After that, she started assisting courses of her mentor in Thai Massage, Itzhak Helman. In 2013 he encouraged her to continue to spread the Love by becoming a teacher herself. Since then, Eva has organized many courses, retreats, and workshops around the world, in places such as Bali, Mexico, Spain, Panama, Morocco or the United States.

Many have enjoyed her loving ways by receiving massage treatments or assisting with the original joyful meditative Hatha Yoga Classes she teaches.

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Alejandro Guerrero

Creative Director; Thai Massage practitioner and assistant instructor.

I felt in love with Thai Massage in 2015 and since them I have studied with and received treatments from some of the living Thai massage masters in Thailand and abroad. I am currently working as a professional massage therapist in hotels and retreats.

In the retreats we offer, I like to work with the students to make sure that they understand the technique and also they receive it and know how it feels in their own bodies.

For over 20 years I have been putting my sensitivity and excellence into art and media production, and in recent years, as a part of this team, I put this sensitivity into the Thai massage practice and education, becoming a server to the community and to the students that come to our retreats.

I am very happy to be able to share my passion for Thai Massage and inspire people from around the world. Together, we work to make each retreat a safe space for personal growth and transformation.



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Omar Hajji

Permaculture Teacher and motivational speaker

Omar Hajji is a Regenerative design consultant and founder of Marrakesh Organics where we host our retreats in Morocco.

He has an academic background in philosophy, sustainability and a special interest in ecovillages. At Marrakesh Organics, Omar aspires to weave together his inspirations and travels with a deep philosophy of life that seeks to heal the earth and the people; by growing nutrient-dense foods, organizing life-changing courses and bringing people together to dream of a future of abundance!

He has traveled around the world learning about ecological restoration, design systems and intentional communities and was involved in numerous community empowerment programs notably in the US, Morocco, Senegal, Thailand, Kenya, Tunisia and Ethiopia.

Thai-Yoga, Chiharu Shanti

Chiharu Shanti

Founder of Holistic Thai Massage - School of the art of touch-

Will be a part of the team for the YinYang Thai Massage Retreat in Marrakesh Organics.

Chiharu was first introduced to Yoga in 2001. Since that time, her interest and advanced studies have expanded to Ancient Thai healing massage, Meditation, Buddhism and Ayurveda. Being strongly inspired by David Lutt, she felt a resonance in the essence of western bodywork methodology such as Osteopathy and Craniosacral Biodynamic with the integration of Eastern spirituality and medicinal systems. Today she is enchanted by the practice of Osteothai and is an assistant of David's in Europe and Asia where she also organizes his annual Japanese DTM and Osteothai training courses. Her dream of living a life-style with practice, work and travel has all become one.

With a background in yoga therapy, Chiharu’s Osteothai practice is deeply connected in treating psychosomatic conditions and mental stress. Her therapeutic style is concerned with the breathing system, autonomic nervous system, body fluids circulatory system, muscular/skeletal system, organ health, and soft tissue relaxation to allow her patients to return to a balanced state of mobility and harmony.

Currently, Chiharu is expanding her various course offerings for professional therapists to be able to have deeper dialogue with others by expanding our own presence and cultivating mindfulness in our senses of body and mind; meanwhile, everyday, she is deepening her own practice.


Davide Stasi

Our dear friend Davide will be leading the movement, self- massage & anatomy classes during the Connection Gathering.

"Began deepening his studies of anatomy and Thai massage 6 years ago and indicated his professional career more than 3 years ago. He mainly studied in Wat Po medical school of Bangkok and specialized with Pichest Boonthumme and Arjan Sinchai. On the side he has studied workshops of Deep Tissues, Osteo-thai, Wuotai, Dynamic-thai and Movement Culture.

His passion for healing of human species brings him to publish a book of self-massage, which method he often teaches in Barcelona with specifics seminars. To increase his knowledge and consciousness, Davide practices daily martial arts and meditation and Asthanga yoga.

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