Evasion Thai Yoga

Thai Yoga Vacation in Panamá

March, 8th-15th


Join us to experience the Thai Massage, Katonah Yoga and Acro Yoga practice in the most relaxing environment... welcome to the Tropical Thai Yoga vacation!

This 7-day sojourn will be hosted in a hidden tropical paradise at the Pacific coast of Panama, where EvaSion team will hold a space for self-exploration through movement, meditation, Thai Massage practice... and the most epic beach sunsets of your life 

These practices will open the door to the discovery of a new you!

Together, we will work to make a safe space for wellness and trust, an openhearted environment for personal growth and conscious living. You will go back home with a new perception of what community means and how we have the power to support each other for a healthier and more meaningful life.  Plus...we guarantee that you will get a tan ;)


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Sign up before January 25th and save $200 !

Join us to experience the Thai Massage & AcroYoga life-style in the most relaxing environment... welcome to this Tropical Movement Vacation!

Daily Schedule

We will follow a schedule designed to restore healthy habits into our daily routine.

Starting up the day at sunrise to meditate, before a yoga practice to wake up the body, followed by a delicious breakfast.

From 10am to 1pm we will be learning and practicing Thai Massage at the Bird´s View yoga shala. We will be sharing with you an easy and effortless Thai Massage sequence that you can practice safely at home.

After lunch, you will have the freedom to participate in some integrational practice of your choice: Thai massage, yoga, dance, Acroyoga, surfing, horse riding, or just doing nothing! (a rare luxury nowadays) .... while waiting for the magic sunsets at Estero Beach.
Yummy dinner, night circle, sleep... and repeat

Class Program

• Create a link between yoga and massage practice.
• Experience the importance of meditation in everyday life.
• Learn Buddhist principles to integrate into your daily life.
• Find the most comfortable position for your body.
• Work on all the body and energy lines.

• Learn Stretches and movements to improve joint mobility.
• Connect with your client
• Give a whole body massage

Whether you already have a Thai massage experience, are practicing another type of therapy, or are looking to start walking this path,
you are welcomed to join us in this unique location.
You will learn how to connect with a loving and caring touch using all the parts of your body: hands, elbows, knees... even your bum!
All the exercises will be practiced enough so that after the course you will be able to give a 1.5 hs treatment. 

Upon completion of the course, attendees will receive a certification from EvaSion Thai Yoga Massage.

About the team

EvaSion is a lover of ThaiYoga Massage life-style.
In this path since 2007, she has studied with some of the living masters in Thailand and around the world.
She treats people everywhere she travels to. Since 2013 she is sharing her passion through courses, workshops, and retreats worldwide. Currently, she is working for an NGO caring for people with intellectual and body disabilities in Spain.

Alejandro Guerrero is the other half of EvaSion Thai Yoga team. A gifted thai massage practicioner and creative professional, he will be the assistant teacher, sharing his passion and experience of Thai massage with the students, giving personalized attention to each one of you no matter your levels, to ensure that you get the technique and come back home with much more than a massage routine.

Leonela Leal, yogini, flexibility coach, sociocultural entrepreneur, medicine woman, and a nomad. Born in Venezuela, when 7, discovered gymnastics. After years of professional competition, in 2010, she was introduced to Yoga and AcroYoga in YogaShala Caracas, soon becoming the youngest certified AcroYoga instructor in the world. Currently based in Panama City, she dedicates her life to yoga activism and energetic transformation retreats. She will be leading the morning practice of yoga and meditation and a couple of AcroYoga workshops.

Vinny Bonano is passionate about helping others shine using the transformative powers of Yoga and holistic nutrition. Vinny is from Breezy Point, NY and after 6 years teaching Spin and sitting at a desk 9-5 he found his calling, connecting to and understanding our powerful bodies and minds!! He utilizes and teaches Yoga as a more diverse, therapeutic, uplifting form or exercise and a way to tap into our inner voice. Katonah Yoga Teacher and Motivational Coach. Vinny will be sharing with us his amazing Katonah Yoga sessions in the afternoons.

Petr Pulchy, From Prague. Studied and lived in Romania, Czechoslovakia, and Canada.
Settled in Ontario now where he works as a massage therapist in his own massage studio, giving deep tissue and thai massage amngst other treatments. Studied Geology, English Literature, Chinese medicine and Massage Therapy.
He has worked as a Translator and Teacher. his love for acro, dance, music, martial arts and traveling made him to get certified as an AcroYoga Teacher at Flow 360 in Toronto 2018.

This will be an intimate retreat and we will be working with each one of you to make sure that you get it!

About The Venue

Santa Catalina could be described as an authentic fishing village with a fantastic surfing beach .  There are approximately 400 inhabitants here, both local and ex-pat.  Two small grocery stores and still no bank or ATM.  Santa Catalina also serves as the “jump off point” to Coiba National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site and marine wonderland.  With the increase of tourism, the town is slowly changing, but most outsiders find it to still be fairly undeveloped and can feel the pace of life slow down immediately upon arrival. 

The retreat will take place at La Buena Vida hotel, an open space surrounded by tropical vegetation that offers a comfortable stay in artistic villas, healthy breakfast and lunch in the garden café, locally made art work in the gift shop, regular yoga classes and massage treatments.  They also take pride in working with many local employees and doing their best for the environment, recycling and composting.


Accommodation will take place both in La Buena Vida and at Boarders Haven Hostel.

La Buena vida offers several shared and private accommodation options, see below.

The Boarder’s Haven Hostel is located directly next door and managed exclusively by La Buena Vida.

Please note that accommodate al the participants and according to the number of people, your final accommodation may be different to the one in the pictures.


Room with Air conditioning, shared bath with hot shower and communal kitchen

from USD 975.00 / Per person

Villa with private bathrooms, A/C & mini-fridge

from USD 1035.00 / Per Person

OPTION 5 - PRIVATE VILLA FOR 1 PERSON   Villa with private bathrooms, A/C & mini-fridge

Villa with private bathrooms, A/C & mini-fridge

FROM USD 1210.00 /PEr Person

Room with Air conditioning, shared bath with hot shower and communal kitchen

from USD 1030.00 / Per Person

Villa with private bathrooms, A/C & mini-fridge

FROM USD 1095.00 /PEr Person

Videos to know more about Santa Catalina


Useful Information for Panama City & Transport options to Santa Catalina.


If you need to stay or move around Panama city for a few days, we strongly recommend that you have the UBER app on your mobile. UBER is cheaper and safer than regular taxis in Panamá.

There is a public free WiFi in Panama Airport and bus Station. You can order your Uber car when you get to Panama Airport to the center of town. It will cost you around 20$.

For accommodation we recommend that you get a hostel starting at 12$ or and airbnb room for 20$ a night, please plan ahead.

some places to check out :


Sophias Hostel



If you need to have internet on your phone all the time, you can get a Sim card of + Movil, it costs 10$ and it gives you 30 days of high speed internet, they sell it everywhere.


OPTION 1. public BUS

This is by far the cheapest option.

You need to get a bus from ALLBROOK Terminal in Panamá City to SONÁ.

The bus company is SAN ISIDRO and the times are :

6.20 am

8.20 am

10.20 am

On the bus terminal you’ll see the ticket shops and you need to find the one that reads “PANAMA - SONÁ”

This ride takes four and a half hours and it costs 9 $. By the way, you pay when you exit, the driver will ask you where you go when you enter, just say “SANTA CATALINA”, so he knows you will stop at Soná.

The bus is reasonably comfortable with aircon (bring a sweater) . They play music and musical videos all the way, you may consider bringing your own headphones of earplugs it you want to be more quiet.

Then you need to take a second bus from Soná to Santa Catalina.

This second bus is waiting for you when you arrive to Soná station, so the transfer is immediate and the staff at the station will carry your luggage from one bus to the other.

This second ride takes 1 hour and it costs 5$. You can tell the driver that you go to “La Buena Vida” and he will stop right at the door.

Welcome to Santa Catalina!!


We are organizing this option that will leave early morning around 9 pm. on MARCH 8th from Panama city, and will take you straight to Santa Catalina.

Price is 50 $ one way. Please bear in mind that the final price may vary depending on the number of people on the shuttle.

Once you know your flight details, let us now if you want this option and we will let you know the details.

It will take you between 5 and 6 hours to get here.

Welcome to Santa Catalina!!


• 6 morning practices meditation & yoga

• 15 hours Thai Massage course

• 3 AcroYoga workshops

• 7 night accommodation.

• 3 organic meals a day

• 6 epic sunsets


• Transport to and from Panama city Airport (we offer this service on demand)

• Plane tickets

• Travel insurance


To book a spot we need a deposit of $300 in advance.

•100% to be returned if you cancel 30 days before the course starts

•50% to be returned if you cancel 15 days before the course starts

•No refund of the deposit or any other amounts paid once the course has started

•We hold the right to cancel the course and in this case we will return any amounts you have paid but not your airplane fares.

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